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Pollinator Conservation Specialist
Food Systems and Living Farms Project
Bernardo Nino, Xerces Society

Bernardo Niño (he/his) works as a Pollinator Habitat Specialist in California. He is working to support Xerces’ private-sector partners in designing and implementing cutting-edge conservation systems for bees and beneficial insects on farms across California.  Bernardo received a Master’s degree in Entomology from North Carolina State University (2009)

Before coming to Xerces, Bernardo has worked with the Bureau of Land Management on their Seeds of Success project, along with other habitat restoration projects. More recently he spent 7 years working with the Bee Biology group at UC Davis leading projects on pesticide exposure to pollinators, implementing supplemental forage in almond orchards, determining honey hive stocking rates in self-fertile almond varieties.  Then transitioned to a Support Scientist role for the USDA-ARS investigating effects of climate change on honey health and  effects of different crop systems on honey bee hive performance and health.  Bernardo lives in Davis with his family including two Great Danes and enjoys outdoor adventures, water sports and going wine tasting with friends.