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Pollinator Conservation Specialist
Nature-Based Climate Solutions
Steve Armstead

As the Colorado Front Range Pollinator Conservation and Nature-Based Climate Solutions Specialist, Steve partners on efforts to coordinate, manage and build high quality, connected, climate-resilient pollinator habitat in the Colorado Front Range covering the Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins areas. Steve will be working with the City of Boulder on their pollinator conservation and nature-based climate initiatives, while also exploring ways to expand and leverage support for pollinator conservation and climate solution efforts throughout the region.

Steve has extensive experience working in natural lands management, planning, and community engagement after a lengthy career with the City of Boulder’s Open Space program. Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Museum and Field Studies focusing on Entomology from the University of Colorado – Boulder, where he surveyed and established a system to monitored butterflies across local natural areas.

He enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, and the many labors associated with taking care of a small horse farm and improving the extent of its pollinator habitat.