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Companies Invested in Pollinator Conservation

Large and small companies alike are spearheading some of the most innovative and important pollinator conservation projects taking place today. Since 2008 we’ve seen retailers, food manufacturers, cosmetic companies, clothing brands, energy transmission and communications companies, and more, create meaningful and significant change for pollinators. And pollinators need more. We work to empower responsible private sector partners with information and direct support to help them join this cause. 

Sustainable Sourcing and Supply Chain Initiatives

Your suppliers and the ingredients or raw materials they produce provide an incredible opportunity to help incentivize pollinator conservation at a large scale. We work with leading brands to help them collaboratively work with suppliers to restore habitat such as flowering hedgerows or wildflower field borders on farms and processing facilities. For inquiries about how Xerces can support your company’s pollinator conservation goals, please contact Eric Lee-Mäder or Denise Ledgerwood.

Bee Better Certification

Sustainable products are a major growth sector for agricultural commodities. The Bee Better Certified seal lets consumers know that your company values pollinators and supports the farmers that protect them. For food manufacturers, our Bee Better Certified program offers the world's only third-party verified seal that verifies ingredients were grown in a way that support pollinators. Visit to learn more.

Manage Facilities for Pollinators

Corporate campuses, processing facilities, energy and transportation easements all offer a direct opportunity to create better places for bees, butterflies, songbirds, and other wildlife. Whether your company is interested installing a pollinator garden at your visitor entrance or restoring native prairie on a 1000-acre land holding, our habitat installation and management resources for gardens, parks, and natural areas provide easy to adopt recommendations for most facilities.

Share the Message with Customers and Employees

You can help pollinators by spreading the word. We work closely with leading brands to help them communicate their support for pollinators and position themselves as industry leaders on this issue. We would love to hear your ideas and help support you on your own journey. Use our corporate partnership inquiry form to tell us more about your ideas.

Support Our Work

By sponsoring the Xerces Society, you can communicate your corporate commitment to wildlife conservation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. Since our inception in 1971, Xerces has protected millions of acres of land for wildlife, helped restore more than 700,000 acres of wildflower rich habitat, and worked to empower the hundreds of thousands of people to protect pollinators in their own communities. This work is made possible through collaboration with a huge range of supporters, including businesses just like yours. Find out more about partnering with us on our Business Partnerships page.