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Companies Committing to Pollinators

We empower companies to lead on pollinator conservation. With nearly 50,000-acres of bee and butterfly habitat projects developed in partnership with companies and organizations such as General Mills, Aveda, Whole Foods Market, Danone, Nestle, Organic Valley Cooperative, Portland International Airport, and others, we have a proven track record for designing and implementing large-scale biodiversity initiatives.

While much of our work has centered on sustainable sourcing projects with the organic and natural foods industries (especially on the development of pollinator habitat on supplier farms), we also work in the transportation and renewable energy sectors, with real estate and property management companies, and with businesses and manufacturers who are integrating natural landscaping around their facilities. 

Some of our support for private sector partners includes:

  • Project scoping to evaluate opportunities to engage on pollinator conservation in supply chains, facilities, and through consumer education and activation
  • Design and project management of habitat features ranging from corporate campus gardens to functional native plant ecosystems integrated into solar energy farms, reclamation sites, and terrestrial farming systems of every type. 
  • Guidance on long-term land management and stewardship to sustain and maximize biodiversity

Additionally, our Bee Better Certified program is the leading global standard for pollinator conservation accreditation for farms and food companies. The Bee Better Certified seal can be found on leading retailers such as Costco and Walmart on products as diverse as ice cream, wine, fresh produce, almond milk, and more.


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Food Brands and Manufacturers

Your suppliers and the ingredients or raw materials they produce provide an incredible opportunity to help incentivize pollinator conservation at a large scale. We work with leading brands to help them collaboratively work with suppliers to restore habitat such as flowering hedgerows or wildflower field borders on farms and processing facilities. For inquiries about how Xerces can support your company’s pollinator conservation goals, please contact Eric Lee-Mäder or Denise Ledgerwood.

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Our Partners

Xerces has partnered with food companies to create 1,939 acres of pollinator habitat and plant over 6.5 miles of hedgerows to support pollinators and add resilient biodiversity back into agricultural landscapes.


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