Pollinator Habitat Installation Guides


Growing the right flowers, shrubs, and trees with overlapping bloom times is the single most effective course of action to support pollinators from spring through fall.

Establishing Pollinator Meadows from Seed

These guidelines provide instructions for establishing small pollinator meadows. Read more.

Organic Site Preparation for Wildflower Establishment

These guidelines provide instructions for preparing a site using organic methods. Read more.

Collecting and Using Your Own Wildflower Seed

In this document we outline the basic steps of collecting native plant seed using readily available, non-specialized equipment, as well as tips for cleaning, storing, and sharing seed to expand pollinator habitat on farms and in our communities. Read more.

Regional Guides

These region- and state-specific guidelines provide in-depth practical guidance on how to install and maintain nectar- and pollen-rich habitat for pollinators in the form of wildflower meadow plantings/ conservation cover (NRCS Conservation Practice 327) or linear rows of native flowering shrubs/ hedgerow plantings (NRCS Conservation Practice 422). Seed mixes and plant recommendations for each region are included in the appendix of each guide. NRCS field staff and conservationists, please contact your state biologists or plant materials specialists regarding the status of these guidelines in your state.

California 327A Conservation Cover

Download PDF.

California 422A Hedgerow Planting

Download PDF.

Delaware Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

Florida Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

Florida Hedgerow (422)

Download PDF.

Maryland Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

New England Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF (Draft).

New Jersey Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

New Jersey Hedgerow Planting(422)

Download PDF.

Oklahoma Hedgerow Planting (422)

Download PDF.

Pacific Islands Area Habitat Planting

Download PDF.

Pennsylvania Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

Pennsylvania Hedgerow Planting (422)

Download PDF.

Rhode Island Hedgerow Planting (422)

Download PDF.

Habitat Installation Guide: Upper Midwest

Download PDF.

Western Oregon & Washington Conservation Cover (327)

Download PDF.

Western Oregon & Washington Hedgerow Planting (422)

Download PDF.

Wisconsin CRP-SAFE for Karner Blue Butterflies

Download PDF.


Establishing Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Habitat on Organic Farms in Idaho
Download PDF.


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